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Dec 6, 2013 2:30am PST
am prepared to die. >> nelson mandela, lived to see a free democracy in south africa. this morning, his passing at age 95 means different things to people in different generations, from starting out as a lawyer and man of action to political prisoner to symbol to historic leader, to an icon and living legend. we will not only honor mandela but put him in historical perspective on this friday edition of "way too early." goo shaqman on this december 6th. we begin with nelson mandela. it would have been ground breaking enough to become south africa's first black president, but he was so much more not only to his own country but all over the world. the long-time freedom fighter has died at the age of 95. madiba as he was known sacrificed decades of his own life in prison in an effort to win his countrymen freedom from the bonds of apartheid. mourning and tributes as you might imagine pouring in throughout the night from harlem to his hometown of johannesburg, south africa. it is all for a man who was prepared, as you heard, to die to bring democracy to a country where for so long it wa
Dec 10, 2013 2:30am PST
sensitive way, preparations have been under way for quite some time for the death of nelson mandela, but, of course,, things, you know, many things are d put into action he in these last severalma days, including accrediting the massive contingent of press from all around the world, wiring the stadium, coordinating all the satellite technology, and weather has been an issue here. we had issues earlier in the week with the steady rain, but i think it look it's like you're getting a clearer picture now. so we'll let you go back now to hear them speak. >> lester, thanks. things have cleared up a little bit. >> -- my heart, my soul, my life and those of millions of south africans and continue to touch many lives in the world. [ cheers ] i'm overjoyed by the outpouring of love and adulation extended today. madiba is looking down on us now and there is no doubt smiling as he watches his beloved country unite to celebrate his life and lega legacy. [ inaudible ] [ broken audio ] >> we are again experiencing some hits as we call hthem in te signal, the thickness of the clouds is disrupting the sa
Dec 9, 2013 2:30am PST
more than 50 world leaders paying tribute to nelson mandela tomorrow. president george w. bush and his wife will join them, president clinton and jimmy carter attending also. a big test for south africa's government as it plans the memorial expecting 94,000 people at fnb stadium where they had the world cup in 2010 and another 100,000 plus expected outside at overflow areas around the city. many details were worked out well in advance. politico is reporting the last-minute services are pretty daunting. concerns from the motorcade route to his safety once inside. meanwhile, sunday marked an official day of prayer across south africa. but in churches the scene was as much celebratory as mournful. other parts of the world, ukraine's president facing major unrest and a 48-hour deadline threat to disband his government. anti-government protesters yesterday toppled the stature of lenin. he's, of course, the founder of the soviet union, demonstrators took turns attacking the statue with hammers sort of reminiscent of the berlin wall falling in the early '90s and smashed it to pieces. othe
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3